Project “X52”



The project will include minimum 52 design concepts for furniture, accessories and other products.

For a year, it will be randomly selected (lot) a product (or a group of products), that in a seven-day period should be made ​​and have it design concept presented. To make it bigger challenge, each concept would have assigned a color and shape, which must be interpreted and used in some way into the design concept. Colors that will be included for obligatory use are red, yellow, green and blue, and shapes – circle, triangle, square.

I will design project concepts in my leisure time, which means I will devote between 10 and 30 hours to each concept in the seven-day period. The proposed design concept will be based on a basic research and analysis of the product or the group of products, and I will try to make each of the proposed concepts to be feasible, in case somebody like it, and want to produce it. Or maybe, I will try to produce some by myself.

Because the time period will be very short and it would rarely have the opportunity to present the design of more than one concept, from the many numbers of thought and sketched versions, so each concept will have a Personal level and Graphic design level. These two kinds of levels will help to position presented concept, according to the others thought and sketched, giving this way, an idea of ​ what other design concepts I might propose, if somebody shows interest in this kind of product . But let back to the different levels – the separation of individual levels will be:

Level 1 – presented design concept is the best, that is thought about. The main function is performed very well, in my opinion or the product has an additional secondary function, which helps the main one, or gives more possibilities for use of the product;

Level 2 – the concept is not the best, that is thought about, but it is very good and not very complicated to design and modeling. Its presentation will not delay ” X52 “,  because of the complexity of construction ideas or insufficient time for analysis and testing of an unusual solution for the functions in the design concepts unlike the first level kind of products. Or just think it isn’t worth presenting a first level design concepts, because they are very good.

Graphic design level will evaluate three main criteria – the designed shape of the product , match of the presented design with a intended sketch of the design, match to the brief’s criteria.

The graphic design levels will be distributed as follows:

Level 1 – the designed shape is excellent and fully matches with intended one

Level 2 – the designed shape is excellent, but doesn’t fully match with intended one

Level 3 – the designed shape is very good and fully matches with intended one

Level 4 – the designed shape is very good, but does not correspond to what was planned on the sketch

Level 5 – the designed shape is weak, or doesn’t fully match to the brief’s criteria

If it is used “+” symbol to the description of the Personal level and Graphic design level, it means that there are thought and sketched design concepts that could be interesting, but somehow they go out beyond borders of  the ” Х52 “project or couldn’t be represented for the limited time of the project .



– Design of realizable concepts for everyday products

– Uniform design presentation of various types and functions products


– Improving personal design skills

– Improve personal design assessment skills

– Enriching personal portfolio

– Building a portfolio of concepts that can be developed and transformed into real products

– Produce some of presented designs




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